Become a Volunteer

We rely on volunteers to mentor the women that come through our program, and we also look for volunteers to speak in our professional skills class. Are you interested in mentoring someone? Do you have skills in interviewing, human resources, or any other professional department? Please join us!



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We believe that one on one mentoring has a significant impact on the success of a person re-entering society after incarceration. It provides leadership, accountability, and a trusting person they can speak to and rely on. It’s important that our volunteer mentors are dependable and eager to lead.


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We provide classes that help women entering the workforce post incarceration with professional skills such as interviewing, resumes, workplace conflict, being the best employee they can be, and moving up in a company. We don't want to just help them get a job, we want to set a foundation for a career.



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One of the most important pieces to success is education. We want to be sure the women we serve have the opportunity to receive their GED. This will allow for better employment opportunities, and give them a chance to further their education.